ASUS Premium Care

ASUS offers several extended service options for your ASUS product, depending on your budget and needs. ASUS Premium Care includes a wide range of benefits.

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Please noted that only products within a certain period after purchased are available for the service. For further information, you can inquire warranty status.

Benefits of ASUS Premium Care

  • Reduce costs with a tailor-made service package that meets all of your support needs.
  • Asus Premium Care services go beyond the standard warranty to provide the assurance of maximum protection.
  • Minimize downtime by leveraging ASUS scale and skills.

ASUS Premium Care can create a tailor-made package to protect your ASUS products.

ASUS Premium Care has several levels of coverage to suit your needs. ASUS Premium Care includes a wide range of benefits, including: Warranty Extension, Local Accidental Damage Protection, Local On-Site Service, Battery Service Package. Check the service products below to learn more about ASUS Premium Care.

Warranty Extension
Local Accidental
Damage Protection
Local On-Site Service
Battery Service Package

Warranty Extension

The ASUS Warranty Extension Service Package frees you of these concerns, providing you extended warranty services after your ASUS product’s standard warranty expires.

  • Subject to activation being completed, your product’s warranty period will automatically start from the end date of its standard warranty.
  • Except for the change to the warranty period, all other terms will remain the same as the ASUS standard warranty.
  • This service package does not cover software, peripherals, free accessories such as a mouse or bag, and customer-induced damage.

Local Accidental Damage Protection

Accidents happen. ASUS Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) helps you avoid repair or replacement costs due to mishaps that occur during normal use of your devices.

  • This Service Package service package provides coverage for the following types of accidental damage arising out of normal use: Drops, falls or other collisions, Liquid Damage, Electrical surges, and Accidental breakages.
  • In this Service Package, unlimited key parts is allowed to can be claimed remedy for under this Service Package every year commencing from activated activation date of this Service Package service package. For any additional claims made for a repair of key part(s), the labor, shipping and spare parts costs will be borne by the customer.
  • The total cumulative costs of repair services claimed by customers of repair services provided under this Service Package service package shall not exceed the Customer purchase price of the Product .
  • All components repaired or replaced by an ASUS Service Centre Center will be under warranty for three months or for the remainder of the warranty period, whichever is applicable.

Local On-Site Service

With On-Site Service, an ASUS authorized technician will provide on-site parts repair at your designated location if a problem with your product cannot be resolved via telephone or online support.

  • If the problem is not solved remotely, on-site technical support for your product will be arranged with an ASUS Authorized Technician who will be sent to your location generally by the end of the next business day; response times may vary depending on geographic location, spare parts and local service availability.
  • If the product fails during normal and proper use within the coverage period of this service package, ASUS will repair or replace the defective parts of the product, or the product itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied.
  • If defective parts are replaced under this service, then you agree in advance to transfer the ownership of the replaced defective parts to ASUS.

Battery Service Package

ASUS Battery Service Package (BSP) is an extension to the period of coverage of the standard battery warranty. With this warranty package, a replacement battery will be provided if your laptop battery has defects.

  • You are entitled to one battery replacement every year in the event of battery failure during the extended period after your standard battery warranty period.
  • Except for the change to the battery warranty period, all other terms are the same as the standard battery warranty. Please refer to the warranty card supplied with your product for the standard battery warranty terms.
  • This service package only covers the original battery supplied with your ASUS product.
  • The replacement battery will be covered under this service package for the remaining coverage period but for no less than for three months.
  • This service package covers manufacturing defects only and excludes any expected capacity reduction due to usage.
  • Service and warranty coverage may vary depending on region and country. Please check with your local retailer or partner representative to confirm available options.
  • Please visit the ASUS support site at for current and complete ASUS warranty information.
  • Although we strive to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to mak changes without prior notice.

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